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B.Sc. (Hons) Biochemistry  degree is a two phase programme. In the first phase the student is required to acquire some basic knowledge in biology, physic-chemical principles and analytical procedure by taking the relevant biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics,  courses. In phase two, biochemistry will be studied as a subject, in the third and fourth years.

It is mandatory for students to take and pass courses in general studies in order to broaden their knowledge. In addition, students will be acquainted with the basic principles and practice of computer programming in their second year of study.

Four Year Degree Programme: Students wishing to read for the above degree must register for all the compulsory 100 and 200 level courses in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics. These compulsory courses are prerequisites for registration for Biochemistry courses. The compulsory courses include seminar on selected topics and a dissertation based on a research project. The student is strongly advised to study carefully the prerequisites for each course he/she registers.

Three Year Degree Programme: Students admitted through direct entry enter the course directly at the 200 level of the programme. Such candidates must however register for the General Studies courses.

Examinations: Examinations are conducted at the end of each course in  accordance with regulations approved from time to time by the Senate. To be eligible to sit for any end of course examination, candidates must be duly registered for the course and shall have a minimum attendance as decided by the Senate. Every course shall be examined during the academic year for which it is taken. End of course examination shall consist of one or more of the following:

  1. Written examination comprising all or a combination of any of the following: biochemical calculations, multiple choice/short answer and essay type questions 60%. The format may be different in 400 level examinations.

  2. Practical and continuous assessment 40%. The proportions to be applied shall be announced to the students at the beginning of each session by the Department offering a given course. The Department of Biochemistry will only decide on and announce the proportions for the biochemistry courses.

The following scoring system shall be applied to each examination:
  A - 70 and above
  B - 60 - 69
  C - 50 - 59
  D - 45 - 49
  E - 40 - 44
  F - below 40
  I - Incomplete

Pass mark for each course is 40%. The examination results have to be reported to and approved by the Faculty Board and by the Senate. 

Minimum Requirement for the Award of a Degree in Biochemistry

The programme operates on a SEMESTER CREDIT HOUR System. One semester credit hour represents 15 one-hour lecture period or 30-hour of laboratory exercise. For the three year programme a minimum of  98 credit hours and maximum of 117 credit hours will be needed for graduation, while 130 and 140 credit hours will be the minimum and maximum respectively for the four-year programme.  The minimum and maximum credit hours to be registered will be communicated to the students at the beginning of every session.